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The Mad About LIFE Team

Jodie Douglas  

Principal Financial Adviser / Managing Director


Jodie has over a decade of experience in the Life / Risk Insurance industry.


Mad About LIFE - Risk Advice was born out of her passion and drive to provide the highest level of Advice, Education and Service for her clients.

Mike Douglas

Finance Manager / Director


After a decade and a half working in the IT industry, Mike has used this experience to help Jodie realise her dream to build Mad About LIFE.  Continuing to support the business processes and strategically plan into the future.  


Mike is a licenced Finance Broker and can assist with your lending needs.

Mad About LIFE - Risk Advice was founded by Jodie Douglas.  A Financial Adviser, with over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry! She understands the importance of having the right protection in place, should the worst ever happen!


Jodie is so passionate about providing tailored Risk Advice that she elects to be a Risk Specialist & her primary focus is on protecting the Financial Risks of her clients.


"We get to know you and your financial risks, then we help you to put a plan in place to mitigate those risks. Giving you peace of mind!"

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Agata Byrne

Team Assistant



Alannah Gordon

Team Assistant



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