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The Gift of Good Advice

By Jodie Douglas, Nov 29 2016 03:02AM

Always wear good underwear in case you get hit by a bus, eat all of your vegetables so you grow up big and strong and always carry an umbrella. This is some of the advice we are gifted by our parents who want only the best for us. But what forms of advice are more important for us to receive in our adult lives? What about sound, professional advice about money? This week, as we lead into the Christmas period, we’re talking about the gift of good financial advice, and how it may be the most important gift you ever give.

Like it or not, Christmas can be an expensive time of year. There are presents, holidays, food and drinks, bills and even unpaid time off work. Most families feel the financial strain in December and may find that it takes most of the following year to re-establish positive cashflow. We often exhaust all of our savings, rack up credit card debt and tend to indulge in luxuries our normal weekly budget wouldn’t allow. But with the challenge of the Christmas spending-spree comes an opportunity to share the love with your family by talking about money and how to protect it now and in the future. At Mad About Life, we’d be delighted if you would consider sharing the experiences you’ve had with us, with your friends and family this festive season.

The Christmas and New Year period is an excellent time to evaluate our finances, make resolutions about how to reduce debt, increase savings and manage our financial risk. There’s something about a ‘fresh start’ that motivates us to do better than we did last year, to earn more, spend less and organize our finances more appropriately. Perhaps these are some of the reasons you chose to seek advice from Mad About Life. We hope that we have helped you to achieve your financial goals, and we encourage you to pay it forward by recommending us to your friends and family.

Christmas dinners, backyard barbeques and New Years parties can become opportunities to turn to our friends and family for advice and ideas. It’s great to have this dialogue and it’s important that a recommendation about ‘money management’ can be a gift we give one another. This is where a recommendation to a financial services professional can be the gift of good advice.

Consider whether any of the following apply to your friends or family:

- Approaching retirement and wondering how to fund it?

- Moving out of home and needing advice about living independently and protecting themselves and their income?

- Thinking about estate planning and how to ensure their family’s needs are met in the future?

- Considering a change of job, home or lifestyle and wondering if they can afford it?

- Reviewing the family budget and seeking a more suitable or affordable insurance portfolio?

If so, don’t let Christmas be just a time for spending money, let it be a time for renewing financial goals and preparing for the year ahead. Resolve to look after your financial future and that of your family and give your loved ones the gift of good advice by recommending us at Mad About Life.

Thankyou for your continued support and may 2017 bring health, wealth and happiness.

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