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Join the Mad About LIFE Money Manager.  This amazing app can access information from over 200 different accounts with banks and other financial institutions, so it can all be tracked in one place.  


Not only does it do all the hard work for you by categorizing you’re spending so you can get a handle on your finances quicker,  but you can also share it with your Mad About LIFE Financial Adviser to make keeping on track of your monetary goals simpler.


A key part of our service is helping our clients understand their cashflow. We need to understand this in order to give you solid advice and build a long-term wealth creation strategy. A crucial part of this, is the understanding of your current situation.


It’s common sense that if you have more money going out than you do coming in, that you are going to have problems managing your finances. So our Money Manager cashflow and budgeting tool, powered by Moneysoft, helps you and us understand exactly where your money is going.


It gives you:

  • One complete and single view of your financial information, in one place.

  • It enables us to answer questions such as what surplus you have?

  • What can you afford to invest and where that surplus has been going?

  • Better still, we can link your agreed financial goals, so you can see how you are tracking to plan ongoing.


Get started today with your 30 day free Trial!

Ongoing Monthly Fees Apply*

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* If you enjoyed your 30 day free Trial!  Ongoing access to the Mad About LIFE Money Manager is as little as $39.95 / Month – We will send you an invoice after your first month which is payable on a Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly basis.


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