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Is the advice tax deductable?


Our Advice fee is tax deductable and we consider the tax effectiveness when structuring your insurances; premium affordability as well as the Benefit payment in the event of a claim.

Do you have a Will in Place?


We can help to facilitate this! Click on Estate Planning to find out more.

Do you participate in dangerous activities and think you might be un-insurable?

Mad About LIFE - Risk Advice understands that Life should be lived to the max! With many years’ experience in the industry we can specialise in putting effective plans in place for those that like to get the most out of life


We create awareness of your Financial Risk and help you to implement a plan.


Giving you peace of mind to go out and live life the way you want, knowing that those who are important to you will be looked after should something happen to you.

Personal Risk Advice -

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"Having a tailored financial risk plan in place will provide reassurance that you and your family will be taken care of if you were suddenly injured or developed a long term illness."

It's important to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Financial protection comes in a number of forms, depending on your circumstances.


In some situations, you may be able to self-insure with personal investments, assets or savings.


At Mad About Life, we can help you to find the best way to manage your financial risks and our advice also covers the following protection.


If managing your super isn't easy as you'd like it to be, we can assist with the following:


- Reviewing your existing superannuation fund or offfer advice on new funds.


- Consolidating your super and find any lost super.


- Provide contribution and investment strategies.


- Update your nominated beneficiaries.


- Review any insurances held within your super.

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"Jodie’s extensive knowledge and industry resources, means Mad About Life are able to offer clients a wide choice in terms of insurance and financial solutions.

Her enthusiasm and passion for risk advice puts her in a league of her own."


Kirsten Winefield - General Insurance Broker



"I was one of those people who have had the same superannuation fund for 20 odd years  and always said to myself “I will re-look at it one day”.


Upon meeting Jodie and hearing about what changes had been made to superannuation policies over the years, the best thing I have done was get her to have a look at it and advise me of how it is currently performing against the more modern policies.


Good thing I did because not only was Jodie able to advise me how insignificant my original policy was but Jodie also transferred me onto a new policy which better suits my future needs. The new policy has already out performed the original one I had.


If there is one thing I could pass onto everyone it would be ‘Have your policies looked at because you could be missing out of a lot of future income for your retirement."     --    Michael Lee

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